This is the world’s first bulletproof, portable watch case. Designed for the lady or gentleman who wants to safely transport their watches, jewellery or documents with them, around the world. Doettling_Guardian_07

The inner core of the Döttling Guardian is made from carbide which is covered with aramide carbon fabric and polycarbonate. This ensures that the contents are protected from forces as strong as sledgehammer blows. The lid itself is a miniature safe door which features a three digit key lock.
If the Guardian is ever misplaced and separated from its owner, the GPS tracking device which is built in, will ensure that it can be found and returned.


The Guardian is 35 cm long and it has a diameter of 13,5 cm. It weighs around 4 kg and due to the size, it can be carried on a plane as a personal luggage. The cylinder case is wrapped in finest leather with choices of calfskin or crocodile leathers. There is also the opportunity to personalise the piece with engraving. The Guardian can store up to six watches and if you remove the central cushion there is more space for jewllery or important documents and papers.