The next incarnation of Tegra-Lite has arrived. This Spring, TUMI will debut new styles within its Tegra-Lite lineup of the most durable and fully-functional hardside travel cases with the launch of Tegra-Lite Max. Providing the global traveler with a myriad of new packing features, including an exterior front pocket and zippered expansion capabilities, this premier travel assortment incorporates lightweight design with the most innovative materials, proprietary to the brand. Tegra-Lite® Max packs in enhanced elements that showcase both the technical innovation and intelligent design that goes into each TUMI product. Key advancements include an exterior U-Zip Pocket, expansion capabilities, double 360° wheels, a new Durafold™ construction, and TUMI’s patented X-Brace 45® handle system.

A differentiator from standard hardside cases, the U-Zip exterior pocket is built to house easy-access essentials and expand inwardly, providing the traveler with additional packing capacity for items such as toiletries, jackets, and passports. Structured with a slim profile, the U-Zip pocket incorporates TUMI’s signature ballistic nylon in the gusset which is pleated to maintain dimensions, a monogram patch and leather trim detailing. Engineered for strength, the zipper-to-zipper expansion capability offers up to 2” of additional packing space. Newly designed, patent-pending double 360° wheels are recessed into the body of the packing cases with benefits including stable and superior multidirectional navigation, less friction and a roomier interior compared to carry-on bags with surface-mounted wheels; Tegra-Lite Max wheels are 2.5 times the size of current Tegra-Lite wheels.

To optimize exterior capacity, the patent-pending Durafold construction method folds and reinforces the frames with heavy duty yet lightweight stitching and impact-resistant caps which provide superior corner strength. Tegra-Lite Max utilizes TUMI’s patented X-Brace 45® handle housing system. Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, this advanced system forms a protective, impact-absorbing structure around the telescoping handle tubes within the case. Three handle height options allow for easier maneuverability and convenience when rolling through the airport.

The interior of each Tegra-Lite Max case features a tie-down strap system and water-resistant lining to safely secure personal belongings. For the business traveler, a built-in suitor is integrated into carry-on styles while packing cases offer a removable suitor. A high-gloss, scratch resistant finish is the final layer of ingenious design available in five color options: T-Graphite, Sunrise, Baltic, Charcoal and a woven Herringbone pattern.

Designed and engineered in America, Tegris® is a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite created by Milliken & Company. The material is woven by Milliken’s engineers in the company’s Georgia factory and later transferred to Ohio where sheets of Tegris are produced exclusively for TUMI in the travel accessories industry worldwide.

Due to its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and exceptional impact performance, Tegris has a wide variety of useful applications, including use in watercrafts, motorsport vehicles and protective armor. Additionally, Tegris offers:

  • Impact Resistance – Tegris provides two to 15 times the improvement in impact resistance over typical thermoplastic and thermoplastics composites. It is used as an armor solution against ballistic threats.
  • Recyclability – Tegris is fully compatible with polypropylene recycle streams.
  • Design Flexibility – Tegris allows for the creation of a wide variety of composite structures. A single layer of Tegris fabric is 0.005″ (0.132 mm) thick and weighs 0.02 lbs/ft² (0.11 Kg/m²), which enables composites to be “tuned” to a high degree of precision based on impact or stiffness requirements. Tegra-Lite is stronger than standard expansion systems by eliminating racking and reducing sagging, providing an overall clean aesthetic.