We are proud to present a guest blog this week. It was written by Amit Vekaria (M. Ost. Med. DO ND), who is an osteopath & therefore able to make some suggestions as to what luggage to take & the best way to carry it.

Advice from Amit:

Carrying and lifting bulky luggage can strain your muscles, joints and ligaments. The larger and heavier your piece of luggage is, the more prone you are of injuring your back, neck and shoulders.

A large number of patients are uneducated in how to lift up and carry heavy items, including luggage, properly and safely. As the muscles key to moving luggage are not regularly exercised, this results in a high risk of back injury, back problems and muscle strain as a result of improper technique and lack of experience.

Take your time lifting up heavy luggage. Position yourself close to the luggage and set your legs shoulder width apart to give yourself support. Whilst lifting, make sure you bend from your knees and tighten up your stomach muscles. Lift up with your legs muscles as you stand up, whilst trying to do minimal twisting movements with your back. Point your toes in the direction you are headed and turn your entire body in that direction. NEVER BEND FROM YOUR WAIST! This puts excessive amounts of strain through your lower back when lifting the luggage with a high risk of spinal disc herniation.

A few tips from Amit:

1) Choose luggage with wheels and a handle.

For example, the light-weight Samsonite Cosmolite range. It features 4 wheels for easy manoeuvrability & an extending handle.

Alternatively, if you prefer a soft-side suitcase, then the smart-looking Bric’s Life range is an excellent choice.

2) Avoid purchasing luggage that is heavy when empty.

Cory Monteith took this advice and opted for a piece of luggage from Rimowa. The Salsa Air range is available in different sizes & colours – all of which look fantastic! We have recently launched the Salsa Air in white. Rimowa cases are extremely light-weight, but the polycarbonate shell ensures that all of your belongings are protected inside.

3) Look for a sturdy, lightweight and high quality piece of luggage when purchasing.

The Tumi Vapor range offers a totally new and advanced travel experience. It offers ultra-modern style that defies definition, the protection of a hardside case, and a surprisingly lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre design. Vapor suitcases are sturdy, lightweight & high quality – they tick all the boxes. Available to purchase online, or in-store now.

The new Firelite range from Samsonite is available in 3 sizes, and 4 colours – and they look great too! The 4-wheel Firelite suitcase’s revolutionary design ensures sleek, smooth manoeuvring and a tough, robust exterior to survive anything that’s flung at it.


If you want to find out more about Amit, after reading his advice, please visit his website, or his Facebook page, or Tweet him @AVOsteopath.